Puddle Out is the kind answer to "marking" problems in multi-pet homes. See Testimonials

Our hard-surface cleaner and deodorizer for multi-pet homes is one of the most safe and effective cleaners on the market. Puddle Out™ cleans everything from nose prints on windows, little footmarks on highly polished furniture, biddy-grits around feeding stations, fur-ball ickey-up, cat pan tidy-up, to "contest" marking. It totally removes urine smell (even the strongest male marking odors) and does so quickly without a lot of work. Many of our customers have dog-only homes and find Puddle Out as effective as feline owning friends.

Puddle Out™ is used and recommended by veterinary, grooming, boarding, and animal sanctuary establishments for its safe and effective ease of use.

Product of USA... Made in Bristolville, Ohio.

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Cat & Dog Urine Remover & Deodorizer